Excellent app! Contacting
people just got very easy!

Trial User, Queen Victoria
Hospital East Grinstead

  Genuine user feedback on day of launch!

“As a GP there are times I where I just need to get advice from a specialist. Messaging them would be far preferable to arranging an out-patient appointment which is costly, time consuming and inconvenient for the patient.”

"I’m a specialist vascular nurse who coordinates the multidisciplinary team meeting. Hospify group chat lets me to do this really easily and make sure that all the relevant patients are discussed."

“As a medical secretary I need to be able to send patient details in a way that complies with NHS information governance rules as I am often asked to text patient details to my consultant in order for them to deal with patient problems whilst they are off site.”

“I’m a hospital bed manager who frequently needs to contact wards and collate patient information from over 50 locations so that I can aid patient discharges and improve the flow of patients though the hospital"


"I’m a student nurse who’s just started my placement, and Hospify lets me talk to my friends on different wards. It makes it really simple for us to help each other out!"

As the FY1 I am the most junior doctor on the team and frequently require advice. The advice could come from seniors or other peers and being able to message a trusted group will give me the answer quickly.”

“My role as surgeon requires me to work at four or five different hospitals every week and I need one way of communicating with all the teams at all the different sites, instead of having to deal with a different technology for each one.”

“My pharmacy team needs to be able to tell staff and patients right across the hospital as soon as prescriptions are available for collection – and we currently have no easy way of doing this.”

  Hospify has a 5 star rating in Google Play


“The GPs in our practice need a tool to keep in touch with care circles for out-patients, especially elderly or disabled people who depend on friends and relatives for assistance in their homes, without everything having to come through our receptionists. Hospify is a simple, cost-effective way for us to do this. “

“As a patient who has just undergone surgery I was concerned about redness around the area and wanted to contact my surgeon about it, but was away visiting relatives. I’d like to be able to send a photo and get advice from the direct rather than seeing a local GP who might not know about the operation.

“As the medical director of a large trust it is my responsibility to disseminate important medical alerts to over a 1000 staff members to ensure the best care for our patients.”


Hospify User Guide

Initial set-up

Once you've installed Hospify by downloading it from the Google Play store or Apple Appstore, you will be asked to create an account.


Healthcare professionals

  1. To ensure that everyone in your workplace can find you - and knows it's you that they're talking to - it's a good idea to log in with your professional email address, which might well be your nhs.uk or nhs.net email address if you have one.
  2. Add your mobile phone number, preferably the number of the device onto which you're installing the app (an exception might be if you're accessing Hospify via a Wi-Fi only tablet). Hospify can be installed on a work-issued device or a employer-issued device - it is secure and compliant either way.
  3. Add your job role and workplace. This will also help others find you and correctly identify you (there are 1.7m people working in the NHS, and quite a lot of them share a name!). It will also help you form workgroups more easily in the future.
  4. Add a six digit PIN code. You'll need this every you open the app, and it protects your messages if you accidentally leave your phone unlocked somewhere, or if it's stolen. UPDATE ALERT: Using the fingerprint scanner to unlock the app is coming soon.
  5. Check your email account (the same one you registered with!) for your confirmation email, and type the registration code into the app.
  6. The app will now unlock. You're ready to start messaging!



Hospify is primarily designed for use in healthcare, and includes a number of options for you to define your role, from from specific ones such "Patient" and "Pharmaceutical Professional" to general catch-alls "Non-healthcare staff" and "Other". Choose whichever suits you best and then follow the rest of the instructions above to register. Once you're in the app the functionality is exactly the same whatever your personal profile.


Add a Contact


Of course, before you can talk to anyone, you'll need to add some friends or colleagues to your directory. To do this, go to the Contacts tab on the app and click on Add in the top right corner.

This gives a whole range of ways to tell friends and colleagues to join you on Hospify. Our favourite is "My Contacts". Here you can select people from your phone's contact directory, and send them an SMS suggesting they download the app. 


If you search for someone by name or phone number in the Hospify and then click on their profile when it comes up, they'll be sent a connection request. This will sit in their contact list with until they approve you (and their name will sit in your contact list in Italics, with the word Pending alongside it, until that happens).

You can only start to chat with someone once your connection request has been accepted by them. This stops people connecting with your or spamming you at random.

Delete a Contact

What happens if you've connected to the wrong person or - worse - you've connected to the right person but you don't want to hear from them any more? 

Easy - just go to the Contacts tab (it has to be the Contacts tab - this won't work in the Chat tab), and press and hold their name until the Remove bar appears at the top of the screen. Then just click Remove, and they are deleted from your directory. Now they can't message you until they send you a new connection request and you re-approve them (or you send them a connection request, and they re-approve you) 

This is a very important feature of Hospify, and one we think is vital for clinicians. It allows them to connect with patients using their mobiles during the course of a treatment or consultation, and then disconnect when the professional interaction is over - all without ever having to give out their phone number, email address or their identity in a social media messenger service that they might also use in their personal lives. 



Send a Message

The first time you talk to someone, you just need to find their name in your Contacts tab and click on it. A chat window will open. Start typing by clicking in the text window at the bottom (your keyboard will then pop up), and when you're ready to send, Press the little blue arrow button.

Once you've sent a message to someone, their name will appear in your Chats tab. This way you can find them again quickly, without having to scroll through your whole directory. 

You've probably noticed the two ticks that appear alongside each message you've sent. You may be familiar with these from other messaging apps. The first tick goes from grey to green when the message has been downloaded by the other user's phone. The second tick goes green when they've opened their phone to look at it. We can't guarantee they've actually read the message and understood it, but the chances are they have.

If you're waiting for an urgent message and want to tell your phone to check to see if it's waiting for collection on our servers, you can do that by swiping firmly downwards in the centre of chat window. Hospify will then check for any messages and refresh the message stream.

Add your Photo

It's not much fun going round with a blank head-shaped space for a face, so why not add a profile picture? This has the added advantage of helping other users make sure that you're the person that they want to talk to (rather than that other Janet Bloggs in Leeds). 

To change your picture, go to Settings, click on My Profile, then click on the picture icon (or the picture, if you've already uploaded one and want to change it). You'll be offered the choice of taking a new picture with your phone's picture, or uploading a new one from your picture gallery.

UPDATE ALERT: We'll soon be adding the ability to update your email address, job description, in-app PIN code and other personal details from this area of the app. 


Create a Group

One-to-one messaging is great, but sometimes - and especially in a clinical setting - you want to communicate quickly with everyone in a group. This might be a group of people dealing with a particular patient, a ward round group, a group for pharmacy alerts or for allocating beds.


There are endless possibilities, but do consult your team or line manager before creating a work-specific group of your own. Make sure first that there isn't already a Hospify group set up for the job you want to do.

Once you've decided to set up a group, the process couldn't be easier. Just click on the Groups tab, then click Add Group! The app will show a list of people in your directory, with checkboxes alongside each of them. Tick the boxes for the people you want in that group, type a name into the text field at the top, and click Save. Your group is now saved and will appear in your list of groups, and in the group lists of all the other group members. 

When you send a message to the group, everyone in the group will get it even if you're not directly connected to them. If you want to send a one-to-message to someone in the group who is not already in your directory, you'll have to invite them via Add a Contact and get them to approve you first.




Edit a Group

To edit a group, just click on the Edit button you can see in the top right hand of the screen when you're in that group. You can only see this button if you created the group in the first place! If you have been invited to the group by someone else, you won't have access to this function.

Assuming that you are the group's author, when you click Edit you'll see the checkboxes appear by people's names again, and you can add or remove anyone in your directory from the by checking or unchecking the tick box by their name just as you did when setting the group up in the first place. What you cannot do is change the name of the Group - that is fixed once the group has been created, and you can only change it by deleting the whole group and starting again.

To delete a group, press down and hold the name of the group in the groups list until the Remove and Edit buttons show up at the top of the app screen. You can edit the group from here by pressing Edit. If you press Remove, the group will be deleted. Again, this function can only be accessed by the person who set up the group in the first place. DELETION ALERT: Once a group has been deleted, there is no way to recover it or the messages within it. So think before deleting!


Group delivery status

When you start messaging in groups, you'll probably notice a peculiar three dots symbol lurking about in the message window. Click on this, and you'll see a list of all the people in the group, along with the message delivery status (using the two tick system) for each person. 


In the example to the right, we can see that Neville and Emma have both received and read the message, but that Jim hasn't yet picked it up on his iPad. We're really pleased with this feature, and think it will be particularly useful in a clinical setting, where it can be crucial to know that every person you're trying to reach has (or hasn't) seen a particular message - something you just cannot do with pagers or email.


Tell us what you think!

We're building Hospify for you, so don't be afraid to tell us what we're going wrong (or even, if you feel like it, what we're doing right). One way to do this is to leave a review of the app in whichever app store you use, and it would be great if you can do that, especially if it's a good review - positive feedback helps move apps up in the app store search results, meaning more people can find it.

If you want to tell us something specific isn't not working, request a new feature, or just tell us what you think, you can just fire us a message via the Feedback button in the app, which you'll find in the Settings section. Click on this and you'll get a special chat window that sends messages directly to our team. Please do use this, especially if you're not happy. If something is broken or not working well, it's possible we just don't know about it. The quicker you tell us, the quicker we can fix it!

Deleting your account

Obviously we don't want you to stop using Hospify, but there may come a day when you need us to delete your account. This may be because you're leaving, but it may also be that you've lost or upgraded your phone and need to create a new account using the same email address as previously.  

In this case, we may well need to delete your old account before you're able to set up a new one. The best way to tell us is to fire a quick email to support@hospify.com, explaining the situation. One of our customer service team will be in then be in touch to sort out the issue.

UPDATE ALERT: We're working on a better way to do this, so you can manage account switch-overs and deletions yourself. We're hoping to have this functionality available in early

Further support

If none of that works, if your issue isn't listed, or if you want to tell us about a problem, fell free to fire us a mail on:


Be sure to include your contact details, a description of the problem you're having, and - if you can - the make and model of your mobile device and any details you have about the operating system or the version of Hospify you're using (you can find this number at the bottom of the Hospify PIN login screen). Alternatively you can just fill out the form below...


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