Excellent app! Contacting
people just got very easy!

Trial User, Queen Victoria
Hospital East Grinstead

  Genuine user feedback on day of launch!

“As a GP there are times I where I just need to get advice from a specialist. Messaging them would be far preferable to arranging an out-patient appointment which is costly, time consuming and inconvenient for the patient.”

"I’m a specialist vascular nurse who coordinates the multidisciplinary team meeting. Hospify group chat lets me to do this really easily and make sure that all the relevant patients are discussed."

“As a medical secretary I need to be able to send patient details in a way that complies with NHS information governance rules as I am often asked to text patient details to my consultant in order for them to deal with patient problems whilst they are off site.”

“I’m a hospital bed manager who frequently needs to contact wards and collate patient information from over 50 locations so that I can aid patient discharges and improve the flow of patients though the hospital"


"I’m a student nurse who’s just started my placement, and Hospify lets me talk to my friends on different wards. It makes it really simple for us to help each other out!"

As the FY1 I am the most junior doctor on the team and frequently require advice. The advice could come from seniors or other peers and being able to message a trusted group will give me the answer quickly.”

“My role as surgeon requires me to work at four or five different hospitals every week and I need one way of communicating with all the teams at all the different sites, instead of having to deal with a different technology for each one.”

“My pharmacy team needs to be able to tell staff and patients right across the hospital as soon as prescriptions are available for collection – and we currently have no easy way of doing this.”

  Hospify has a 5 star rating in Google Play


“The GPs in our practice need a tool to keep in touch with care circles for out-patients, especially elderly or disabled people who depend on friends and relatives for assistance in their homes, without everything having to come through our receptionists. Hospify is a simple, cost-effective way for us to do this. “

“As a patient who has just undergone surgery I was concerned about redness around the area and wanted to contact my surgeon about it, but was away visiting relatives. I’d like to be able to send a photo and get advice from the direct rather than seeing a local GP who might not know about the operation.

“As the medical director of a large trust it is my responsibility to disseminate important medical alerts to over a 1000 staff members to ensure the best care for our patients.”