Upgrading Hospify

JULY 12, 2017

Hospify has issued a major upgrade to both its iOS and Android apps. It is important that all users upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible, in order to stay in touch with other users and take advantage of the great new functions that the latest version of Hospify now offers.

The most exciting change is the introduction of GROUPS. That's right: Hospify now offers Group Messaging, to the same data compliance standards as its one-to-one messaging. To form a group, just click on the Groups button (iOS) or tab (Android), give your group a name and then check the names of all the people you want to include in that group.

Other new features include the following:


You can now search for friends and colleagues in the Hospify directory by name, job description, place of work and even mobile number (even though we do not actually reveal their phone number in the app).

This makes people much easier to find and message and before. In addition, when you connect with someone - or someone connects with you - Hospify sends an approval request so they can confirm or deny the connect. This prevents unwanted connections and spam.


Hospify now offers the "two tick" system of message confirmation, familiar from apps like WhatsApp. When you send a message, the ticks appear greyed out. The first one goes green when the phone you're sending to downloads the message. The second one goes green when the owner of the phone opens the app to read it. 

This way you can always be sure that your Hospify message has got through - and find other ways to communicate if for any reason it hasn't.

iPad Pro - Screenshot 1 - crop.png

Those are the main changes that affect the way you use Hospify, but there are a few more changes under the surface that you can't see but which will make Hospify much faster and more reliable. To take advantage of them, we have to migrate all our users from old servers to new servers. When you start the new app for the first time, you'll see a migration screen that does this job; please give it time to do its work (it only needs to happen once). Once you're migrated, you won't be able to talk to users who are on the old system, so we're trying to migrate everyone as quickly as possible, and make sure that no one is left behind.

When you upgrade, please make sure you're on a solid internet connection so that the migration can happen without interruption. If there are any issues, please re-try a couple of times, but if you're still having problems email us on info@hospify.com, and we can delete your account so you can re-register and reinstall the app from scratch. 

We apologise for any inconvenience any of this might cause, but we're pretty sure that this is a one-time process that will never need to be repeated, and we're even surer that you'll love the new features in Hospify as much as we do!