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To download Hospify to your Apple or Android device just search in the app stores for "Hospify" or click on the relevant buttons below. (If you have one of our earlier beta test versions, please delete that before reinstalling). Once you've registered and completed the email confirmation, go to Add Contacts and search for the name of a friend or colleague to add them to your personal directory. Then message them just as you would with WhatsApp, Messenger or SMS - except for that fact that you'll be compliant with UK and EU health care data protection regulations.

There is absolutely no obligation on your part; no credit card details are required; and we won't share your data with anyone.

And while you're at it, why don't you get everyone in your team or department to sign up?  That way you'll be able to use Hospify productively right off the bat. And email us with any comments, problems or suggested improvements on The sooner we hear about problems the faster we can fix them, and the more good ideas we hear about the better we can make the app. 


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