Compliant Healthcare Messaging for Everyone


Your doctor or health professional may ask you to download Hospify to keep in touch.

Hospify is a free instant messaging app. It looks a lot like other messaging apps but has been developed specifically for healthcare to protect messages that contain patient information.

To get started, download Hospify from the Apple or Play store.

Once you have downloaded Hospify, register as a patient and click on the confirmation email. You should see a request from your doctor to connect. Now you are ready to get started! You will be able to send secure text and photo messages that only your doctor can see.


To prevent your messages from being held unnecessarily, your messages will automatically deleted after 30 days in line with GDPR rules. If they contain something important, ask your doctor to record it in your notes.

Your doctor may remove their contact details when the period of contact has ended. This can be reinstated at a later time should you both want to be in touch.


Download Hospify Now

 Register as a patient and accept the contact request from your doctor. Then you're ready to start messaging!