Hospify News July 2016

Test version of Hospify now available for download!

Download Hospify now!

Yes, you read that correctly. A couple of months later than hoped we're finally able to bring you the live beta of our new messaging app. Why the delay? Because the version we emailed you about back in March would not allow messaging notifications to appear on your home screen while the app wasn't running.

We considered those notifications to be mission critical for a messaging service designed for the high-pressure and time-critical environment of healthcare, and so went back to the drawing board and rebuilt the entire service - from scratch!

Now, at last, we have something we can share with you. It's a very simple messaging app, which although highly secure is not yet fully health compliant, so at this stage we ask you to trial it only and do not use it for sending any patient sensitive information.

We would love for you to download it, and tell your friends and colleagues to download it (so you've got someone to message), give it a whirl, and send any comments you have to info@hospify.com.


If you have an Android phone and would like to try the live beta in our test environment (which means you'll get faster updates), you can download that here .

There will be bugs (we already know of quite a few) and we're working on fixing them as fast as we can, but the aim of this release is to find and fix as many problems as possible and get the messaging working smoothly, so please do tell us about any issues we have.

We'll be releasing updates as fast as we can, and when the core messaging is working pretty smoothly we'll start to add some of the extra features we have planned, like a proper directory, group chat, privacy permissions and yes, a nicer design!

Have a great summer, and thanks in advance for your help with the beta test!