Hospify News March 2016

New website now live!
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EDF Pulse shenanigans

All new hospify.com now live!

Yep, we've just relaunched our website to align with our all-new secure messaging app. Like all good websites it's a work-in-progress and will change and develop over time, but we think the basics about the new direction that Hospify is taking are all in place, so do take a minute to have a quick look.

Sign up for our free trial

In the top right hand corner of the site you'll notice a nice big green FREE TRIAL link to a form that let's you put your name down for access to the live beta of our new secure messaging app. We're testing it at the moment, it's working well, and we're just refining it for release in the Apple and Android app stores in April. If you sign up we'll be able to send you a download link, a username and a password as soon as it's ready to go.

And given that you'll want to be able to message your colleagues, why don't you sign up every one in your team or department? The trial is free for a year, you only need their email addresses, and there's no obligation involved. That way you'll be able to use Hospify productively right off the bat.

EDF Pulse shenanigans

If you saw our last newsletter you'll know that we were in the running for the prestigious (and lucrative) EDF Pulse E-Health Awards. Well, after we wrote that it got even better - very briefly. We were told in February that we'd reached the semi-finals, and indeed were in the list of the last five companies in the competition posted on the EDF Pulse website. We duly tweeted the news and got all excited about it, only to be told the next day that the organisers had made a mistake and we weren't in the semi-finals after all!

Quite how they managed that we don't know, but they did issue a nice apology on Twitter and we've forgiven them. We wish all the real semi-finalists the very best of luck in the final rounds.

In the meantime we've got more important things to worry about - like getting our new app ready for all of you to play with!

More news on that coming your way very soon...