Hospify joins NHS national digital programme

Last week Hospify joined 33 other companies at the launch of five NHS digital health accelerators, part of the largest push yet to rapidly increase the speed of take-up of digital health products in the NHS. 

The accelerator schemes are run by the innovation arm of the NHS, the Academic Health Science Networks and their partners, and are taking place in London, Manchester, the South West, the East Midlands, and Kent, Surrey and Sussex. It is the first time such a scheme has operated beyond London, where a successful accelerator has been running for two years, saving in excess of £50 million for the NHS and working with 60 companies. The London programme generated 169 jobs for Londoners in just two years.

Hospify is one of only two companies chosen to be part of the Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS) scheme; which is fitting as Hospify was founded by surgeons from Frimley Park NHS Trust and Queen Victoria East Grinstead NHS Trust, both key hospitals in the region. 

The company also has a high concentration of users in the area, with large teams now using the app at sites including Frimley Park itself, Brighton & Sussex University Hospital, Surrey & Sussex NHS Trust, the Royal Surrey, and the Western Sussex NHS Foundation Trust.

Here at Hospify, we're genuinely excited to be part of the accelerator. This kind of official recognition from the NHS should reassure any users who might be still be worried whether or not it's okay to use Hospify at work, and the support from the team at the KSS AHSN will really help us demonstrate the benefit of the HospifyHub to decision-makers in the region - and beyond.

Mike Hannay, Chair of England’s Academic Health Science Networks, said: "Despite the array of talent and resources available, there is room for much better collaboration between SMEs and the health system to increase England’s competitiveness in digital innovation.

"Connections between entrepreneurial innovation and health are essential for England to realise its potential and become a world leader in digital health innovation. With Brexit on the horizon, this scheme is more important than ever before. We have seen rapid growth in the companies supported by our existing London accelerator and look forward to building on this with the next generation of start-ups.”

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The Hospify Team

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