Hospify redesign & 30-day deletion

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The Hospify redesign is here!

We didn't send out a newsletter last month... and now you know why. We were working very hard on a complete design refresh for the app, which we're going to be rolling out in phases over the next couple of weeks. If you have an Android phone you may have had the upgrade already. iPhone's will follow suit.

We hope that you like it! It's a lot cleaner and more contemporary than the old design, which we didn't so much "design" as make up as we went along. But with growing numbers of you using the service and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) less than a month away, we felt it was time to spruce ourselves up - after all, we didn't want to go into the new era of data protection looking underdressed! 

As well as the fine new look we've been tidying up a lot of stuff in the background too, things that you can't see but which will make the app better to use. There's much more on that front to come, too - and top of the list is something lots of you have asked for: a proper user management system to allow you to migrate your account from one device to another without having to get us to do it for you. 

Fear not, it's in progress, and will be with you before long!


30-day auto message deletion

We did actually mention this in our last newsletter back in February, but so many of you have signed on since then we thought it was worth repeating. Part of the point of Hospify is that it doesn't save your data. Our "serverless" infrastructure deletes your texts after delivery, and your pictures are held for download on our encrypted picture servers for just 30 days.

As well as removing data from our servers, we also prevent sensitive data piling up on user's phones by automatically deleting all messages more than a month old. We haven't switched this function on while we've been piloting the app, but with GDPR around the corner the time has come - and the auto-deletion feature will be switched on as part of the redesign.

Why are we doing this? Because under GDPR and UK data protection you are not liable for data you do not hold (the key scenario is the "subject access request" - see this recent Guardian article for more detail). If messages you receive via Hospify contain information that should be added to the patient record, as clinicians you should add it just as you would information you received during a face-to-face consultation or a phone call.

And if you receive information via Hospify that you think might be legally sensitive, show it to your line manager or your legal advisor. If necessary, in extreme cases you could even take a photograph of the relevant message on your phone and pass it to the proper authorities, to be sure you have a properly documented record.

The whole point of Hospify is that its rigorous and transparent data policies let you use instant messaging just as you would like to - in a relaxed manner, without the need to worry about data anonymisation or inadvertent data breach. In order to do that, we don't let data hang around once it has outlived its immediate usefulness. If a piece of information in Hospify becomes more than that, and you feel you should keep it for the reasons outlined above, then it's time to take it beyond instant messaging, and source it and log it in a more appropriate manner.

If you have any questions about compliance, we're always happy to help - just drop us a line on info@hospify.com and we'll do our best to answer your queries. 

And in the meantime... share safely!

The Hospify team

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