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Today marks a big day in the life of Hospify. Around three years ago, we travelled to Manchester to talk to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) about a plan we had to build a messaging platform for health. We'd heard that a piece of legislation called the General Data Protection Regulation was coming down the track, legislation that would cause problems for clinicians using consumer messaging and social media like WhatsApp and Facebook in the course of their professional work. And we wanted to do something about it.
On the basis of that conversation we began designing and building Hospify, a messaging system that not would not only have GDPR compliance built into its very architecture, but which would be so cost-effective to run that most of its core services could be offered for free without the need to sell user data or advertising.
As you know this service is now live, you are all using it, and it's attracting new users every day. In the last fortnight alone Hospify has passed compliance due diligence at four major hospitals, and more are coming onboard all the time as they strive to get their employees to stop risking data breach by using WhatsApp at work. 

Today is the day on which that risk becomes a reality. It's been a huge challenge to get Hospify live for this moment, but we've done it, and we're here and ready to help you meet the challenges posed by GDPR head on. We should be celebrating, and we are, a little bit, but there's no time to waste because there's still lots more work to be done!


Hospify doesn't sell your data to advertisers, but it has to pay its way somehow. And so yes, there is a paid version of Hospify in the pipeline, an online tool that allows hospitals, GP surgeries, union branches, pharmacies, researchers and anyone else who needs to co-ordinate a team of health professionals the ability to do so by using our platform.
We call this the Hospify Hub, and we began testing it live just last week with our partners Unison healthcare at University Hospitals North Midlands in Stoke. The Hub allows an administrator to invite, onboard and validate existing Hospify app users (in a GDPR-compliant manner, of course) by sending them a special token which they then copy into their app. This connects them to the Hub, and the administrator can then organise them into official chat groups (which appear in their in-app Groups list) and what we call “audiences”, which are basically supergroups to which Hospify messages can be broadcast.
Want to set up an official group for a particular ward? The Hub will handle it. Need to send a message to all the nurses about some new antibiotic guidelines? Do it through the Hub. Want to find out which of the nurses have actually read those new guidelines, and chase the ones that haven’t? Yes, the Hub will handle that too.

Like all of Hospify’s tools, the Hub is both very simple and very powerful. We’ll be rolling it out to more pilot users over the next few weeks, and we can't wait to show it to you! Once it’s fully live, details will be posted up on our website and of course we'll tell you about it in this newsletter, but if you’d like to find out more in the meantime, drop us a line on info@hospify.com. We'll be happy to chat it all through.


To support the Hub we’re expanding our team, and are currently on the look out for a full-time Xamarin/.Net/node.js developer to join us on our mission to transform healthcare communication. If that sounds like you or someone you know, again, drop us a line (and a CV!) on that same email address, and we will send you more details.


Given what's happening tomorrow, it wouldn’t be right to sign off without another nod to GDPR. No doubt you are by now heartily sick of all the newsletter opt-in requests in your inbox. The good news from us is that, having been three years ahead of the game here at Hospify, we don’t need to get all of you to opt in again, as we were very careful with our data collection processes from the beginning.

There are a few of you, though, who’ve been supporting us and following us from our very earliest days, back when we were not much more than a website and a big idea. As a reward for your loyalty we are unfortunately going to have send you an opt-in mail, which we’ll do very shortly, to make sure that you still want to here from us. If you get one of these do please click and confirm in order to keep receiving this newsletter. As you know, it’s very occasional and very focussed on the service we offer, and doesn’t carry a lot of irrelevant marketing baggage (and we intend to keep it that way).
The rest of you, who have already opted in by installing the app or signing up via our website, are of course welcome to unsubscribe at any time using the link at the foot of this mail. We keep your email only for the purposes of sending you this newsletter and supporting you as a Hospify user, and not for any other purposes. And we will of course remove you and all the information we hold on you from our systems at your request should you wish to do so.
Helping you do that kind of thing is, after all, is the entire point of Hospify!
Share safely,

The Hospify Team

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