The Hospify Hub is now on G-Cloud


The Hospify Hub is now on G-Cloud

If you saw our last newsletter you'll know that we've been working hard on a major new aspect of Hospify - an online portal called the Hospify Hub. Once signed up, an administrator can invite individual Hospify users to join their Hub, then organise them into official chat groups (which appear in their in-app Groups list), and what we call “audiences”, which are basically supergroups to which Hospify messages can be broadcast.

The Hub is being piloted in a couple of places at the moment, including the Royal Stoke hospital, where we're testing it with the help of our partners Unison Healthcare. And we're delighted to be able to announce that the platform has now been officially accepted on the Government's G-Cloud Digital Marketplace, which means it's pre-approved for public sector procurement. You can check out our page here - it includes lots of details about the service, which is appropriate for use both by large organisations like hospitals as well as by smaller clinics and surgeries. Don't hesitate to email us on if you'd like to find out more or would like a free trial.

The intersection of art and science

As an aside, if you're interested in machine learning and data science, you might be like to check out this short piece by Hospify CEO James Flint about a career spent straddling the digital divide. As well as a bit of background on James himself, it also gives some hints as to where we see Hospify heading in the future, as machine learning and artificial intelligence begin to play an ever greater role in healthcare.


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