Look out for our big app upgrade!


Look out for our big app upgrade!

You may have seen mention of the launch of our team messaging portal, the Hospify Hub, in this newsletter or on our website. It's now ready and about to be delivered to its first customers, but in order for it to work properly we need to make a few changes to the Hospify App.

In order to do this, we'll be asking all currently users to upgrade to a new version sometime in the next couple of weeks. On the surface it won't look very different to the app you've been using... but underneath it will be a lot more powerful, and will enable some great new features. 

Most of these - like getting access to authorised groups, receiving broadcast messages, and syncing with a desktop edition of Hospify - are functions that come from linking to a Hub. But one key feature will be available to everyone, and that's the ability to remove Hospify from your phone and install it on another device while keeping all your groups and contacts, and without having to ask us to delete your account.

This is our most requested feature and we're really happy that we're finally able to deliver it. So please do upgrade the app as soon as you see an alert asking you to do so - it will make your life a whole lot easier, the next time you upgrade your phone!

Graduating Wayra

In other news, we've come to the end of the Wayra Velocity Health accelerator. The picture above is of our CEO Jim Flint at the "demo day" event in the Houses of Parliament that capped the programme last week. Hospify is currently raising money to expand its service, and Jim pitched to 100 investors who'd come along to see the graduating start-ups.

We've had an incredible and intense eight months working with the Wayra teams in London and Barcelona as well with MSD Pharmaceutical and O2. The experience has given us access to expertise and insights we would simply not otherwise have had, and has been transformative for the company. 

Most importantly, we've made contacts and built partnerships that will long survive our time in the lovely offices on London's Air Street. So a big thank you to everyone who made it possible!

Discount code for GIANT Health

Last year Hospify attended the GIANT Health event in London - and found our first customer for the Hub as a result! This year the event is being held at Chelsea Football Club and will showcase a whole range ofnew technologies and connect people from right across the healthcare spectrum. 

GIANT has kindly given all Hospify users a 30% discount on tickets. Just enter the promo code "Hospify" when you book online, which you can do here.

If you do come, make sure you check out the "AI in Healthcare breakfast" on the second morning, as Jim (yes, him in the picture) will be taking part.Led by Dr Neha Tanna, Chief Medical Officer at Innersight Labs, this will be an opportunity to discuss the impact of machine learning technologies in health over a coffee and a croissant. Once you've got your GIANT Health tickets, you can reserve a place at the breakfast here. Hope to see you there!

Share safely,

The Hospify team

James Flint