Hospify News November 2017

Free pens at Giant Health
Major new app release
New features!

 Hospify pens do not look like this....

Record-breaking free pens at Giant Health

Hospify will have a stand in the App Pavilion at this year's Giant Health Event, which we predict will have more free branded pens per square metre than any other event in human history. To play our part in breaking this record, we shall be giving away our very own Hospify free pens as well! So if you're going to be there (Tuesday 28th in the Old Truman Brewery off London's Brick Lane), be sure to swing by and grab one. Oh, and I'll be giving a talk about compliant healthcare messaging on the morning of Thursday 30th. There'll be a prize (of a free pen) to the person who collects the most free pens on each day, so don't miss out! 


Major new app release

On a less frivolous note, this week saw the release of a major new update to Hospify. If you've used the app in the past few days, you've probably noticed that it's forced you to upgrade to this new version - and rebuild all your user groups to boot. Sorry about that. The reason is that we've so radically improved the code around group messaging that the old code and the new code just ceased to get along. We think this is the last time we'll have to do this. We hope so, anyway...


New features!

Now that you've got the new code you may have noticed one or two rather lovely changes. In groups, there's a peculiar new symbol lurking about in the message window:


Click on this, and you'll see a list of all the people in the group, along with the message delivery status (using the two tick system) for each person.


Here, we can see that Neville and Emma have both received and read the message, but that I haven't yet picked it up on my iPad. We're really pleased with this feature, and think it will be of particular use to clinical groups, where it can be crucial to know that every person you're trying to reach has (or hasn't) seen a particular message - something you just cannot do with pagers or email.

So that's groups. But you can only form groups if there are people that you know on Hospify to form them with. To that end our other new feature makes it much easier to invite people. If you go to the Contacts tab in the app and click on the Add button in the top right-hand corner, you'll get to our revamped invite screen:


This gives a whole range of ways to tell friends and colleagues to join you on Hospify. Our favourite is "My Contacts". Here you can select people from your phone's contacts directory, and send them an SMS suggesting they download the app. 

It couldn't be simpler to stop your team risking data breaches by using WhatsApp to talk to each other, and get them all switched over to an app that's both secure AND compliant with NHS IG, UK data protection, and European GDPR.

Share safely,

Co-founder and CEO