Hospify News December 2016

Information Commissioner starts countdown to GDPR
FT looks at GDPR impact on start-ups
US Hospify clone Klara raises $3m

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Information Commissioner starts countdown to the GDPR

Best of the season to you, from us here at Hospify. This blog has been quiet for a while, as we've been busy road-testing our live beta with potential users and opening a new funding round. Progress is slow, and Brexit hasn't helped, but we're still plugging away at building the WhatsApp of European healthcare. We'll get there!

We're being helped by the fact that the UK is finally waking up to the fact that the General Data Protection Regulation is only 17 months away, and that it is going to have an enormous effect on British and European businesses, Brexit notwithstanding (the GDPR's tenets are already part of UK law). It's worth reading Information Commission Elizabeth Denham's recent keynote speech on the subject, which outlines the impact the new legislation will have. 

"GDPR brings a more 21st century approach," she notes. "The right of consumers to data portability is new, as is mandatory data breach reporting, higher standards of consent, and significantly larger fines for when companies get things wrong." This, as you know, is the tough new environment that Hospify is being built for - an environment in which the consequences of hospital staff using non-compliant comms tools like WhatsApp are going to be very severe.


FT looks at GDPR impact on start-ups

In the same week as Denham's keynote, the Financial Times has also run an excellent piece on the impact of the GDPR. Do read it here in full if you can; but if you don't have a subscription the key takeaway is that the new legislation, which comes into force in May 2018, "carries much heftier fines for non-compliance than existing UK law provides for. The exact size of any fine will depend on the severity of a breach, but if it is serious enough, a business could face a fine of up to €20m or 4 per cent of global turnover, whichever is the higher."

Again, Hospify is all about helping healthcare organisations avoid these kinds of fines.


US Hospify clone Klara raises $3m

And just in case you think we can't raise the money that we need an app called Klara, which is almost identical to Hospify in every respect save for the fact that it is tuned to US rather than EU & UK compliance, has recently raised $3m in the US - a market that has far more competition in health comms than exists on this side of the Atlantic. We remain convinced that at some point soon investors are going to wake up to the fact that a similar opportunity exists here - a bigger one in fact, as the US market is a mere 300 million people strong, while the population of the EU - all potential patients - now numbers 500 million. 

Wish us luck for closing our round in 2017. In the meantime, a very happy Winterval to you all.