Hospify Newsletter September 2017

Hospify closes seed funding round
Regional trial begins with Unison
Emma Dastur joins the team

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Hospify has raised seed funding!

This month's newsletter heralds probably the single most exciting piece of news we've had since starting Hospify, as we can now announce that the company has closed a seed funding round. We have raised £250,000 from several angel investors, each of whom also brings invaluable experience in technology and business development. It's a huge step forward, and the combined input of cash and expertise will enable us to scale up our healthcare-compliant chat service much more rapidly and effectively.

To help us do that we have partnered with DCSL Software. Neville has been working with DCSL's team all summer to upgrade both Android and iOS versions of the app, and those changes have now been released into the Apple and Android app stores, so you can give them a try. These are the first of many planned improvements over the next few months, so keep an eye out for updates.

Trials with Unison begin in the West Midlands

The funding comes at just the right time, as we have just began a regional trial of our service with student nurses across the West Midlands. Last week I was at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and Sheffield University shaking hands and telling people about our service; over the next month I'm going to be rolling the Hospify roadshow out to Wolverhampton, Walsall, Birmingham and Coventry.

The trial is being run in partnership with the Unison Health Care and Managers in Partnership (MiP Health) unions, and together we plan to get hundreds of new health care professionals to switch to Hospify's compliant messaging instead of using WhatsApp and other social media to communicate at work.

A warm welcome to Emma

Finally, I'd like to introduce you to a new member of our team! The fabulous Emma Dastur has come onboard to spearhead Hospify's marketing strategy. As you may have guessed, Emma is married to my co-founder Neville Dastur, and she is a very accomplished digital marketeer. She's already had a big impact on our company presentation (as you can see in the photo of our roadshow stand at the top of this mail), and you're going to be seeing a lot more evidence of her work as Hospify scales to meet the challenges ahead.


Hospify Newsletter May 2017

What the NHS cyber attack means
for Hospify - and you

Here at Hospify we're not remotely happy about Friday's WannaCrypt attack on the NHS - now spread to systems in over 70 countries. Patients and services up and down the UK have been affected - and that's not good. Here's Hospify's security advisor Ben Rapp on ITN news last Friday night talking about it.

The sad fact is that we, along with many others, saw this coming. And so sure were we that it was coming, that we decided to do something about it. Three years ago we set up Hospify precisely in order to provide the NHS - and all European healthcare services - with a state-of-the-art, secure, compliant mobile communications system that could transform health comms for patients and clinicians across the UK & EU... without costing the taxpayer a penny.

The arguments are already raging in the press about whose fault this is and who needs to spend more money to fix it. If past experience of IT procurement in the NHS is anything to go by, too much money will be spent on the wrong services, services which will come online too late (if ever). The result? In a few years time we'll all again be reading about how tens or even hundreds of millions of pounds of valuable investment has once again been wasted.

But there is another way. By following the model of WhatsApp and charging doctors, nurses and patients just £1 each a year (the actual users, not the hospitals, not the taxpayers) Hospify can provide secure compliant messaging to the whole of Europe - without the need for governments or hospitals to take a single decision or spend a single penny of money that would be better spent on medical salaries, medicines and equipment.

Don't wait for your hospital, your CCG or your government to react. Take back control and vote with your thumbs by installing Hospify now. (And right now it's still free! we haven't even started charging yet!). Tell your colleagues, get them to do it too, and by the end of the day your team can be free from ever having to worry about failing NHS communications and random cyber attacks again.

It's that simple. Just search in the Apple and Android app stores for "Hospify". Easy.