User Guide for the Hospify Hub


To set up a free Hospify Hub and start to manage your own team or community of Hospify users, go to, click the link to "Sign up", and follow the instructions to set up a Hub administrator, name your Hub, and upload a logo. The whole process only takes a couple of minutes.

Once you're in, the first thing to do is invite some Hospify mobile app users to join your Hub. Go to the "People" area in the left hand menu, open "Invitations", and click "Add" to put in the user's name and email address - your own name and email is a good place to start! The Hub will email out a token for the specified user to put into the Settings area of their mobile app. Once they've done that, they'll be registered with the Hub and moved from the "Invitations" area to the "Contacts" area. 

When you've got a few contacts in your Hub, you can tag them in the "Tags" area, put them into official groups in the "Groups" area (groups which will appear, branded with your Hub logo, on your contacts' phones), and create special super-groups we call "Audiences". You can use these to send broadcast messages and surveys out to all your Hub contacts using the "Channel" feature.

We've worked hard to make these functions as robust and self-explanatory as possible, but the Hub is still in a test phase, so do let us know if you find any bugs or if there's anything you don't understand or can't work out. This will really help us as we fix issues, add new features and write an online user guide over the next couple of months. 

On the free version of the Hub you can add up to 20 contacts, five of which you can mark as "verified" users. This feature isn't fully live yet, but when it is it will show your Hub badge alongside those users' name in the Hospify directory, effectively allowing you to confirm their identity for the benefit of others. The free version also lets you give up to five users permission to use the unique Hospify desktop app, which will sync with their phone and store a copy of all their messages locally on their laptop or desktop machine without deleting them after 30 days like the mobile app does.

This is very handy if you have doctors or administrators who want to store conversations for audit purposes or export into the patient record. They can do the latter by copy/pasting them out of the desktop app - a very straightforward and secure piece of EPR integration, which costs nothing to deploy and carries very little risk of security breach.

As we hope you'll discover, like all the best technology the Hospify Hub is very simple to use and all the more powerful and flexible because of it. As a result it can be adapted to all kinds of purposes: wherever mobile communications are a necessity and data compliance is a must, the Hub can find a way!

Do give it a whirl and email us at with all your questions and feedback. We're really keen to work with you as much as possible over the next couple of months to make the Hub as solid and seamless as possible before we start charging for it later on in the year. And don't worry; the free option will remain free, so if you set it up now for a small team, you won't suddenly be asked to pay later.