Secure Messaging for Healthcare

Hospify is an affordable mobile messaging app compliant for health use by clinicians and patients across the UK and EU.



Hospify is a secure mobile messaging and contact data service for healthcare professionals & patients in the UK and EU. Hospify provides users with the simplicity and power of consumer messaging solutions, but unlike them ensures that all communication stays within UK & EU legislative guidelines for patient confidentiality and data protection. 


why is it needed?

1.5m people work in the NHS; nearly 30m work in healthcare across the whole EU (that's nearly 10% of the entire workforce!). But every day they are let down by inefficient, out-dated hospital communications systems that waste their time and resources and put lives at risk, despite the fact that these days most doctors and nurses carry smartphones.



Frustrated healthcare professionals are turning to consumer messaging apps to solve the problem. But consumer solutions breach EU regulations for health data – the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has already fined the NHS £1.3m for data breaches, and it hasn’t even started on messaging compliance. Doing nothing is going to get very expensive...



That if you're running a GP practice, a private health practice or a health trust then by law from 2018 you must publicly report any data breaches that occur in your business - and that you can be fined up to 4% of your annual turnover for each breach? It will not take many such breaches to destroy your financial viability... and this is why we've created Hospify. 

Don't take our word for it. Read what the press has to say about it here and here. And see our Compliance page for more information.


To ensure data security and confidentiality Hospify is pioneering a model we call minimum viable data. All your conversations are stored on your device and nowhere else and all communications are peer-to-peer encrypted. Our servers deliver your chats and nothing else. The data you send and receive is your responsibility, and yours to control.


Hospify is an API, not just an app. That means it can be used on almost any platform. To start with it is available for both Android and Apple mobile devices, but in the future we will make it available for other platforms, including desktops. We also plan to allow access to the API, so that other healthcare services can take advantage of its data compliant benefits.


For a period, probably around a year, we will be trialling Hospify for free. After that we will charge for it. The subscription will be no more than £1 a month. The more people who sign up the cheaper we can make it. So tell your friends and colleagues to give it a go while it's still free and help us make it into the healthcare app that you want to see!


Hospify is for any health professional or patient, public or private, who needs to use a mobile device to communicate in a way that might involve transmission of patient identifiable data or discussion of a patient in an identifiable way. This is a very broad legal definition, and we've built Hospify partly because we think it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to health data security.


Initially Hospify is aimed at healthcare professionals. Once we have a significant professional user base and a solid mechanism to allow users to control who can contact them (we envisage this as something similar to Google+ circles or the invite mechanic on LinkedIn) then we would like to open it up to patients, as we believe there are clear benefits to be had by doing so.


The free trial of Hospify may not allow picture messaging. The app is in a very early stage, but we will be working hard to iron out glitches and add features, especially with regard to picturesuser search and directories, as we go. We're a start-up company so bear with us, but rest assured that we're dedicated to building an app that works for you!