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To ensure data security and confidentiality Hospify is pioneering a model we call minimum viable data. All your conversations are stored on your device and nowhere else and all communications are end-to-end encrypted. Our servers deliver your chats and nothing else. The data you send and receive is your responsibility, and yours to control.


Hospify is an API, not just an app. That means it can be used on almost any platform. To start with it is available for both Android and Apple mobile devices, but in the future we will make it available for other platforms, including desktops. We also plan to allow access to the API, so that other healthcare services can take advantage of its data compliant benefits.


Basic text messaging to individuals and small groups is currently free in Hospify, and we plan to keep it that way! At the same time, our service does have to pay for itself (without selling ads!), and so we will soon be adding some premium features that we will be charging for. We will however be keeping any tariffs as low as we can.