If you're running a GP practice, a private health practice or a health trust then by law from May 2018 you must publicly report any data breaches that occur within your business - and you can be fined up to 4% of your annual turnover for each one! It will not take many such breaches to destroy your finances... and this is why we've created Hospify. 

Don't take our word for it. Read more about it here and here. The General Data Protection Regulation is going to have an enormous effect on British and European businesses, Brexit notwithstanding (the GDPR's tenets are already part of UK law). It's worth reading Information Commission Elizabeth Denham's recent keynote speech on the subject, which outlines the impact the new legislation will have. 

"GDPR brings a more 21st century approach," notes Denham. "The right of consumers to data portability is new, as is mandatory data breach reporting, higher standards of consent, and significantly larger fines for when companies get things wrong." This is the tough new regulatory environment that Hospify has been built for - an environment in which the consequences of hospital staff using non-compliant comms like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Slack, Skype and Telegram are going to be very severe.

These everyday chat apps might be encrypted but that alone is not enough to make them align with UK and EU health data laws. Have you ever received a picture on WhatsApp? Have a look in your phone's main photo gallery. The picture will most likely appear there, as well as in WhatsApp itself. This is because nearly everyone's devices automatically backup such pictures to the cloud. Even if you switch the feature off, gaffs by Apple and others can mean it get switched back on without your knowledge.

This is just one of the many ways in which the design of standard consumer apps makes them vulnerable to abuse - and means they fall foul of the law when it comes to patient-identifiable health data. But Hospify is different. Hospify is specifically designed, not just to deliver messages securely, but to keep them confined to your device instead of floating around in a server cloud that could be located anywhere on the planet (the new legislation insists that all EU health data is only transmitted by servers that are physically situated in Europe).

Given that these new rules are coming - and in some cases are already here - what can you do to comply with them before you get fined? Firstly tell your healthcare colleagues, staff and patients to stop using WhatsApp and other apps like it when they're at work, and to install and use Hospify instead. On the surface, they won't notice a great deal of difference; Hospify looks and feels much like any other messaging app. But underneath, there's all the difference in the world. 

Secondly, to be fully compliant, health professionals who make the wise decision to switch over to Hospify need to tell their patients they're doing it. Don't worry - you don't have to tell them one by one! All you have to do is put a sentence or two in the privacy policy on your Trust's or practice's website. Something along the these lines should do it:

"In order to protect patient confidentiality and abide with European health data protection guidelines, all staff in this Trust/medical practice use Hospify when they communicate using their mobile devices in the course of their work. Hospify securely encrypts messages, passes them from handset to handset, holds no information about its users communications on its servers, and keeps all communications within the European Economic Area, so abiding by UK data protection and the terms of the European General Data Protection Regulation. For more information please visit www.hospify.com."

And that's it. You're done!