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Meet the Hospify Community

Join health and social care teams and patients helping to build our active community.


If you're looking for a free, compliant alternative to WhatsApp, you've come to the right place. 


Keep in touch with your doctor, nurse or other health professional using secure messaging.


Support your team or organisation with secure, GDPR compliant mobile and desktop messaging.


Social Mission

Hospify has a defined "tech for good" social mission that is not only enshrined in our agreement with our first investors, Bethnal Green Ventures but the very reason we started Hospify. Through our community of doctors, nurses, administrators, support workers and patients we are having a positive impact on healthcare by speeding up and improving communication, lowering IT costs for hospitals and lowering the risk of data breaches and fines. 

We want to do more. Hospify intends to give 5% of its annual profits to charity. As our community grows we will ask you to vote for a selection of charities each year via the app. That's for the future, but for now we've got the ball rolling by becoming a founder member of the Cavell Nurses Trust "Working With" initiative