Compliant Healthcare Messaging for Everyone


Hospify is used by NHS and private health teams around the UK as a compliant alternative to WhatsApp. It has been built especially for healthcare and conforms to the latest legislation for storing or sending patient information.


Separate your work and home messages

Download the Hospify app and you'll have a dedicated messaging app for work. Messages and photos are stored within the app so you’ll never see work photos next to your personal ones.

Your messages and your data are completely private. Only you and the recipient can view your messages. We do not have access to your messages and do not collect your data. When you receive a message, it is not visible on your home screen, so cannot be read accidentally. 

Hospify is available for everyone whatever speciality, grade or job role. You can give access to patients too. Simply ask patients to download the app and request as a contact. You can keep patients indefinately or remove the patient when the contact period has ended.


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