Client Resources



A deck giving a quick overview of Hospify and its features. Suitable for emailing or presenting to colleagues to give them a good overview of what the platform is all about. Includes:

  • Need, features and benefits

  • Competitor landscape

  • Pricing & use cases

  • Mini case studies

App Report

A short, digestible introduction to Hospify, including:

  • Executive product summary & feature breakdown

  • Value Proposition

  • Independent reviews

  • Pricing

  • Qualitative case studies

  • Security and compliance overview

Budget Impact Analysis

A Budget Impact Analysis carried out in May 2019 by the Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network (KSS AHSN) on behalf of Hospify to assess the impact of the deployment of an instant messaging platform in a healthcare context in terms of costs and benefits.

  • Full counterfactual research-based model

  • Quantified Time Cost savings

  • Complete methodology & referenced assumptions

  • Roadmap for future pilots


Compliance Pack


Hospify Security Frequently Asked Questions

NHS IG Security Assessment Template

Hospify Compliance
White Paper

Hospify Hub DPIA
October 2018

Assessment 2019

Hospify ISO27001
Staff Handbook

Hospify Hub Service Level Agreement (Sample)

Hospify ISO27001