Trusted Healthcare Messaging for Everyone

Still risking data breach by using WhatsApp? Time to switch to Hospify, the free secure mobile messaging app that's compliant for use in healthcare by professionals and patients across the UK and EU.



Hospify is a compliant & secure mobile messaging  service for healthcare professionals & patients that provides the simplicity and convenience of consumer messaging solutions while ensuring that all communication stays within UK & EU legislative guidelines for patient confidentiality and data protection. 


Individuals and group text and picture messaging is currently free in Hospify, and we plan to keep it that way. But our service does have to pay for itself (without selling ads), so we will soon be adding a premium subscription charge for premium features, payable through the app stores and priced in line with other apps.

This is a fantastic step forward for health and any professionals that need a secure messaging solution. Especially if your staff are using WhatsApp without it being security approved.
— Paul Withers, NHS & Local Authority Information Security Manager

Download Hospify now - for free!

To download Hospify to your Apple or Android device just click on one of the buttons below. Once you've registered and completed the email confirmation, go to Add Contacts and search for the name of a friend or colleague to add them to your personal directory. Then message them just as you would with WhatsApp, Messenger or SMS - except for that fact that you'll be compliant with UK and EU health care data protection regulations.



Hospify is for any health professional or patient, public or private, who needs to use a mobile device to communicate in a way that might involve transmission of patient identifiable data.  One of the great advantages of Hospify over email, phone or social media is that users can control who can contact them without compromising their personal privacy.


To ensure data security and confidentiality Hospify is pioneering a model we call minimum viable data. All your conversations are end-to-end encrypted, and then deleted from our servers within 72 hours of delivery. So your messages are stored on your device and nowhere else. The data you send and receive are your responsibility, and yours to control.


Hospify is currently available for both Android and Apple mobile devices, as well as Android-enabled Blackberries, so you can just download it to your phone and get started right away. We are also working on a web-based interface, to make the service easier for Trusts, Surgeries and other institutions to use in an administrative capacity.